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5 Most Stunning Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

traditional christmas tree

traditional christmas tree

Last week we covered 3 most trending Christmas home décor ideas and unveiled some really magical color themes for Christmas. Nevertheless, we left the most anticipated topic – Christmas tree decorating ideas – untouched to bring it to you today wrapped up in an amazing gallery of traditional-modern mix holiday trees.

Actually Christmas tree decorating ideas shouldn’t be too bizarre or too traditional to be memorable and more importantly beautiful. For most of us, though, Christmas is a time when family and friends gather to celebrate and have fun in a cozy room decorated in red-green-gold colors and this stereotype doesn’t let us do anything other than traditional. But in fact a Christmas tree can be decorated with absolutely anything you wish! So let’s mix it all up and have a look at these amazing Christmas tree decorating ideas picked up specially for you.


By saying “traditional” I imagine an evergreen holiday tree all dressed-up in golden and red baubles with shiny garlands all around and a huge star on the top. Among the whole lot of traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas, these are the ones that made be stop and stare. Hope you’ll get that much inspired too!

traditional christmas tree

traditional christmas tree 2

traditional christmas tree 3

traditional christmas tree 4

traditional christmas tree 5

traditional christmas tree 6

traditional christmas tree 7


These Christmas tree decorating ideas are for the ones who are daring, optimistic, full of life, love to try new things and show off their creativity! Don’t think too much over which colors match and which don’t, mix them all up and see what an awesome Christmas tree you’ll get! This is also quite a good solution for a last-minute holiday tree décor! Enjoy!

colorful christmas tree 1

colorful christmas tree 2

colorful christmas tree 3

colorful christmas tree 4

colorful christmas tree 5

colorful christmas tree 6


Among my all-time favorites are also candy Christmas tree decorating ideas. Staff up your Christmas tree with lollipops, candies and sweets to make a tasty surprise for your guests! If you liked the idea but want something more luxurious for home, then you can set up a candy tree at the office and have ready treats when celebrating!

candy christmas tree 1

candy christmas tree 2

candy christmas tree 3

candy christmas tree 4

candy christmas tree 5


You may consider this too girly, but this is one of the trending Christmas tree decorating ideas of 2012! Actually you can choose another full color as a base, but I think pink is cool! You can decorate the tree with white and purple ornaments or just let it stand there as an ornament itself! Anything will look awesome!

pink christmas tree 1

pink christmas tree 2

pink christmas tree 3

pink christmas tree 4

pink christmas tree 5

pink christmas tree 6


And finally my obsession out of all these beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas; white princess! Let me tell you a secret about this white beauty; anything, absolutely anything will look great on a white Christmas tree! You can put candies, baubles of different colors, garlands, lights on the tree and it will still look as gorgeous as ever! I personally prefer a white tree with colorful ornaments, what about you?

white christmas tree 1

white christmas tree 2

white christmas tree 3

white christmas tree 4

white christmas tree 5

white christmas tree 6

white christmas tree 7

white christmas tree 8

white christmas tree 9

white christmas tree 10

white christmas tree 11

white christmas tree 12

white christmas tree 13

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