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Online Event Management Software for Everyone



If you are hosting an event for the first time, you may face many challenges in your way. Deciding the right date and venue, planning effective strategies for event marketing, registration for events and at end, making attendees satisfied are some of the main areas that need major attention. All these aspects of event planning will require your special attention if you want to make your events big. Out of all the elements of event planning mentioned above, the one that can be handled with ease is event registration. You can use good online event management software to make this work less tedious for you.


An online event registration system such as Conferize is ideal for planning events. A planner who has plunged in the field of planning shows can use it without any second thought. He would get a good experience by using it. He will enjoy creating, managing and promoting his events right at his desk. He no longer has to appoint a team to co-ordinate with his attendees or guests. He can do all this by just using the interactive online event management software of Conferize.

So, make your event planning more relaxed and enjoyable by choosing Conferize.

Better for event marketing

Attracting and retaining attendees is not an easy task. An event planner has to plan many things in advance so that the events witness quality audience. The audience today does not want to take the stress of registering for an event by visiting a physical registration counter. They want to go for this activity right sitting at the comfort of their house. They want to take the advantage of the Internet to know more about the upcoming events and also for getting registered for different types of events. They prefer taking help of an online event registration system for their event registering needs.

Today, event planners are more abreast with the needs of their attendees. For this reason, they have started using online event management software such as Conferize. The software allows them to update more about their events. When their events are created and advertised online, more attendees view their events and plan to attend them. By offering them the facility of online event registration, they are allowing audiences to sign up right sitting at the comfort of their home and buy event tickets.

Reminder Emails for Enhanced Event Experience

Sending emails to attendees and guests about their registration confirmation is one of the main parts of your event planning. Emails sent by the help of online event management software will help them know whether they are registered for the event or not.

Another email that you must send to your attendees before your event is the reminder emails. It is important to send reminder emails because there is a possibility that your attendees might forget that they registered themselves for an event and might skip the big day of the event. You can help your attendees have a good experience by choosing an effective online event registration for interacting with your attendees through emails.

At the end, you want to make your attendees happy. So, send them a brief reminder email the day before your event. It will help to touch bases and confirm the details of the event with them. You can intimate about a number of things about your events through reminder emails. You can let them know about minute details such as parking arrangements, check in details and the itinerary or programs of your events. The main aim of sending a reminder emails at least one day before an event is to let your attendees know what type of planning is going on, where they need to go, and what they need to do once they reach at the venue. This information will help them to have a better experience at your event.

Event planning Software for enhancing attendee’s experience

Events are an experience. Attendees gain a lot of experience by attending a number of events such as trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and concerts. If they have a good experience at an event, they prefer attending more events of the same type. They prefer to be repeat attendees because they are sure that they are going to have good experience again and again.

If you too are hoping to have more number of satisfied customers for your shows, you need to use a good event planning software that allows effective online event registration.

User friendly event planning software such as Conferize can make your work of event planning easy. You will get an opportunity to win over your attendees by offering them all the information that they require about your upcoming events. Whether their query is related to knowing about the venue of the event or it is knowing more about making payments or registering for events, they can get every information easily with the help of a good event software.

Give your attendees an entirely new experience by choosing Conferize as your event planning software.

Online event ticketing for lively events

The success of any kind of events mainly depends on the number of attendees attending it. If there are more attendees, the show is bound to get the success it deserves, allowing planners to generate more revenue from the events.

But how can a planner drive more attendees to his show?

There are a number of methods used these days by planners to pull massive crowd for their events. But, the best among all the methods is the use of a professional online event ticketing system. A reputable online event management company allows planners to sell event tickets in a very lucid and systematic manner.

A good example of a functional online event ticketing system is Conferize. It is a trustworthy online platform for planners who want to sell event tickets online. When you are using it for your events, you no longer have to waste time in reaching your attendees or guests personally. You can get in touch with your attendees easily by using this software and can sell event tickets in a very convenient way. Your attendees will get an opportunity to make payments in multiple currencies and in a number of different ways. You too will enjoy collecting payments from your attendees in an easy way.

Choose Conferize to make your events livelier than ever before!

Schedule the events and meetings instantly

Event management software is a small genie out there that can help you to publish and manage the events efficiently. But, did you know that you can also schedule your events by sitting in comfort and luxury of your home or office. That’s true! Whether it is about planning a meeting or any event, the event management software will bring you lot of options and you will see your business rising up.

And the best part is still to come. You can arrange any number of tickets without any hassle. All that it takes is a click of mouse button and everything will be scheduled just the way you wanted. Scheduling the events in line with the geographical timelines can also be done. Event planners can change the time schedules of events, seminars or meetings as per their convenience.

Conferize is superb online meeting registration software designed for the event planners to ease their efforts. The software offers plenty of options to event planners to host their events in a remarkable way. You can explore the features included in software and bring difference to your business.

Why online conference registration software is the smart option around?

Do you want to increase your business revenue from events management? Do you want to make your business move to global levels? It is only possible if you start thinking of implementing online events management software. The software comes with several features. Let’s take a thumbnail view of these features for general understanding.

The events management software is designed with the purpose to provide good interface to your attendees to book the tickets at their very own comfort levels. The software also has capabilities to pay and receive the payments in all currencies. Comprehensive event management software is connected to the safe and secured payment gateway system making everything easy.

The software can easily handle any amount of attendees. You can also have an automated reporting system that would help you to analyze how many tickets have been sold and what is the latest status. Many online events management software also offer the interface for branding. You need to check out the features that are relevant to your events management business before going for it.

Merits of promoting the events using online event management software

The concept of promoting and publishing events, or conferences or shows has undergone massive changes, and these changes are the result of online event management software. The software offer event planners with several merits. These include:

Merit #1

Easy communication with the attendees

The online event management software provides event planners ability to interact with your target attendees. All aspects of events can be arranged and planned in a subtle way and details of the events are then communicated to attendees. In short, an effective communication is created.

Merit #2

Data analysis

The software will help event planner to analyze data of attendees to know what information attendees are likely to search about an event or conference or any show. This type of data analysis will help the event planner to plan out the event accordingly, and in advance.

Merit #3

Safe mode of payment transfers

Another merit of the software is that it provides quick and safe mode of payment transfers. This provides peace of mind to the attendees as well as event planners.

Get started to promote your events online and control the global business.

What are the benefits to sell event tickets online?

There are several benefits of selling the events tickets online. Let’s take a close look into the benefits associated with them.

Benefit #1

The first benefit of selling event tickets online is that you can sell them at your ease and comfort. You do not have to go to the masses and sell the tickets. There is absolutely no need for counter sales. It is just an easy go. All you need to do is publish the event and start selling the tickets.

Benefit #2

The second benefit of selling event tickets online is that there is no limitation to ticket sales. You can just sell the tickets as quickly as you post the event news.

Benefit #3

Attendees can buy the event tickets almost anytime. There is no time bound limitations to buy the tickets. Likewise, there is no time limitation to sell the event tickets too. Once the tickets are listed online, these are available for sale.

Benefit #4

Returns from event ticket sales are very high as compared to the manual ticket sales. It gives a winning edge to the event planner.

Event registration software is the Czar

Are you working in the events management business? Do you face problems while hosting the events or registering for them? Why not think of any revolutionary technology that can give you hassle free days! It is about the events registration software. The software is a Czar ever since it appeared on scene. You have good reasons for using the event registration software in your business. Let’s discuss about them briefly!

Reason #1

You can host the events just anytime. You do not have t be very peculiar on the time frame of hosting. It obviously means you get flexibility.

Reason #2

You can host more than one event or conference or show by using the comprehensive online event management software. This will help you to give a global edge to your business.

Reason #3

Think of the online event registration software as the next generation technology that works as a full-fledged event manager, managing all your events and activities related to it quite effectively.

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