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December 20, 2017
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Organise A Successful Event With Event Management Services

event management services

event management services

Whether you’re organising your own conference or other business event, or using subcontracted event management services, Right Circle Events can help you ensure a successful event.

event management services

event management services

With years of experience in conference and event management, we’re the choice of discerning event managers who need a world-class venue in a convenient setting.

  • Excellent location
  • A great selection of rooms
  • Superb on-site facilities match your event management services
  • The latest technology
  • On-site accommodation
  • An experienced events management team


For anyone researching venues, or running an event management service, a great location underpins a successful event. At Right Circle Events, we are conveniently located in Klang Valley in Malaysia , with excellent private and public transport connections (including access to KLIA airports).

Room selection

Having a wide range of different room sizes, and being able to cater for widely ranging delegate headcounts, makes it easy to offer you exactly the configuration that you need. At Right Circle Events, we can help you to arrange for different rooms and conference suites that can be mixed and matched to cater for anything from a couple of delegates to several hundred attendees.

On-site facilities

Every event manager dreads delegates having to go offsite for the services they need: it unsettles people, disrupts an event, and discourages valuable networking. At Right Circle Events, we can arrange for you for shops, restaurants, relaxation areas, accommodation, and even a booth on site so your delegates have everything they need.

Event technology

Not only that our rooms  and booths that we setup for you will come with the latest AV and Wi-Fi, but clients can also book our networked IT suite for one-on-one training. And unlike some venues, all rooms have natural daylight as well as air-conditioning. It’s the perfect combination of technology and comfort.

On-site accommodation

Every event management company appreciates the importance of on-site accommodation for multi-day events. Naturally, Right Circle Events offers this service.

An experienced event team

Location is important, as are facilities and the choice of rooms. An experienced venue team brings these together to deliver the tailored experience that events management companies or individual conference organisers want. With their background in the competitive medical conferences field, our team is one of the most skilled and highly experienced in the business.

If you are events manager for your organisation, a partnership with Right Circle Events is a great way to enjoy several important benefits:

  • A smooth-running conference
  • Delighted delegates
  • Your life made easier with the help of our friendly team
  • Your reputation boosted with the help of our event management service

For in-company conference organisers and event management companies, Right Circle Events offers the peace of mind that comes from a venue with a solid conference track record. Whether you’re doing your own event management, or have been appointed as events management company for a client, contact us now to learn more.

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